Fixing Cars & Trucks For Over 50 Years

At Ferry’s, we have prided ourselves on excellent customer service for more than fifty years. We develop long-term relationships with our customers, who know they can trust us to do quality, dependable work on their vehicles. 

Ferry’s got its start when John Ferry, Sr. returned home to the South Shore after serving as a gunner in the Army Air Force in the India-Burma theater of World War 2. He worked at various auto dealerships and independent repair shops in the area before opening up his own shop in 1965. This was John’s Jenney, and like Ferry’s today, it was a combination repair shop and gas station. It was situated at 203 Liberty St, only a half-mile from our present location. In 1975, another opportunity came up to purchase the Sunoco station that is presently Ferry’s Automotive and Sunoco. We’ve been here ever since.  

John lived to see the fifty-year anniversary celebration of his beloved business in 2015. He passed away at the age of 93, leaving Ferry’s under the management of his son Jack and his daughter Victoria. We are proud to continue his legacy here at Ferry’s Automotive, Inc. 

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